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Chinese Made Simple

  • Hacking Chinese with modern learning practices and language tricks.
  • Everything you need to know about Chinese, neatly packaged.
  • Learn only the essential, jargon-free, from start to finish.

Effective Curriculum

  • Powerful modular learning content taught in 50-minute “learning bursts” targeting the core areas of Chinese.

On-demand Classes

  • Study in 1-on-1 online classes with professional Chinese teachers.
  • Because our teachers are not based in expensive locales, classes are guaranteed to cost less than most online learning services.

Interactive Technology

  • A simple but intelligently designed adaptive learning platform on which to study, take tests, communicate with teachers, and more!

Learn Chinese Online with Serika

Do you want to learn the Chinese language but fear it will be too difficult? Many people quickly dismiss European languages as incredibly easy compared to Chinese. However, Chinese is mostly perceived to be difficult because it looks and feels completely different from European languages. That’s it! Once you understand how the language works, you will find it less daunting, even fun!

We address some of the most common critiques about Mandarin being a difficult language. These critiques often present only half of the truth, and we are here to show you the other half. There is a more sensible and effective way to study Mandarin and that is with our personalised 1 on 1 lessons!

Are You Learning the Right Way?

Here at Serika, we have developed 1 on 1 Chinese lessons that fast track your progress to have you fluent in no time. To us, the difficulty of the language is not the problem. The problem lies with the outdated, rote-based learning methods, and even gimmicks that actually make learning Mandarin more difficult.

Below are some issues with existing learning channels that we think actually prevent learners from achieving better learning results and a more conducive learning experience:

Are you learning Chinese the right way?

Chinese Textbooks

  • How do you know the learning material is the right level for you?
  • Generic; not custom-made to meet the needs of different learners
  • Pedantic and unengaging
  • Unnecessary depth and complexity without consideration for applicability
  • Lacks interaction with natives

Study Abroad in China

  • Location and time restrictive
  • Expensive: costing thousands for just weeks of study. Can you really learn the Chinese language in weeks?
  • Grueling study lessons based on outdated teaching methods. Spending hours learning to write Chinese characters by hand is not the best investment of your time.
  • Often use book materials with their own problems

Online Chinese Classes

  • While you can learn Chinese online effectively, it often lacks a structured learning curriculum
  • Lottery scheme: teacher quality varies greatly. Are you feeling lucky today?
  • Lack of technology platform to engage and enhance learning experience

Serika is Different

Challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries is in our DNA. We do not carry the burdens of traditional learning methods. We embrace productivity and innovation.

We approach learning holistically, and simply. At the core is productivity. The ultimate goal is to help you achieve the best learning outcome by making sure that every minute of your time is spent efficiently on curriculum that is effective. Check out how Serika works here.

  • Linguistic Demolition

    We dissemble Chinese into its basic building blocks, then extract the essence and eliminate anything that adds unnecessary complexity. We believe unselective learning dilutes a learner’s ROI on time and money and at worst can outright take a learner down the wrong path.

  • Natural Progression

    We apply the controlled release of learning content to build on what you’ve already learned. Additionally, we employ proper horizontal and vertical learning so that you can always find your footing in acquiring anything new, whether a word or grammar.

  • 💦

    Fishing, Not the Fish

    We show you why each element in Chinese works the way it does so you learn by application, not by rote memorization. If language is a piece of art, we want you to become the artist, not a scanner.

  • 🏆

    Competitive Pricing

    Helping you to crack Chinese is not the only thing which we excel. By purposely selecting our professional teachers from the best Chinese language teaching universities in the country that are not located in expensive cities like Beijing or Shanghai, we are able to offer our integrated courses and online content at a significantly lower cost than most of our competitors. Lessons can start as low as $10 per class. Sign up for your free demo lesson and find out how you can save more with us.

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